Institute of Sports Medicine is the only institute established for the maintenance of the physical and mental health of the Sri Lankan Sportsmen and Sportswomen and also for the prevention of their diseases.

This establishment which was initiated in the year of 1991 as the Sports Medicine Unit and in the year of 2006 it was named as the Institute of Sports Medicine. Our Institute is dedicated to produce a healthy sportsman and sportswoman when the Sri Lankan sportsmen and sportswomen are taken to the National and International level starting from the school level.

Vision :

      Institute of Sports Medicine: “To provide medical and nutritional facilities for Sports Men and Women for the improvement of their physical and mental fitness. In order to accomplish this we have streamlined and made available the facilities only to Sports Personnel from School to International level contrary to what it were in the previous years        

Mission :

                     provide professional training, a scientifically controlled health program on an individual basis, nutritional facilities to enhance       and upgrade the talents of all sports men and women to international standards